Successful Grant writing: 3 simple steps

There are only three steps for writing a successful grant. There is no fourth step. The steps are simple and clear. Everybody knows these steps. But only a few use them for grant writing. Many overlook or misunderstand these steps. This is because they think grant writing is complex and can’t be so simple. The three simple steps are described below:

Step 1: Plan the writing – you need to plan the writing in the same way as a typical project. You need to allocate adequate time, appropriate skills and sufficient resources for the writing. Aim for an excellent proposal that will pass the competitive process.

Step 2: Follow the directions –  Keep in mind that you are pursuing the interests of the funder. You need to be strict in following the directions given by the funder. Those directions are your bible words. Unless you want to lose the grant, don’t depart from those statements. If you face challenges with the directions, ask for clarifications.

Step 3: Do the writing –  The most devastating problems is the assumption that you already know grant writing. As every grant is unique, no one is a master. The master is who is going to win it. Grant writing is not a science, it is an art. This is basic reason why many scientists are weak in grant writing. They assume that they know how to do it, but they are not. However, this doesn’t mean that scientists shouldn’t write grants. It means they need to have the required skills for it.

Three steps: Plan the writing, Follow the directions, Do the writing