…so what shall we eat?

Beef has high health risk. Vegetables may have poisonous chemicals. Diary has aflatoxins. Fruits may have traces of carcinogenic chemicals. Poultry products have ARVs which are fed to the chickens as a processes of hastening growth. So what shall we eat? Shall we submit to death by starvation while foods are readily available? This is not a choice.

These are the questions recent research outputs brought to our attention. Day to day, more and more research is informing us about the risks associated with eating certain, and later on many, food staffs. Now, we know the risks associated with many of the foods we eat. We also know the benefits of consuming those foods. So where is the balance between benefits and risks?

The  research  recommendations are suggesting to make those foods safer to human consumption. But who will do that? It should be the producers, the transporters and the retailers/vendors. If they make it safer, it is good for all of us. But if they don’t, we have no other option. We can’t see ourselves dying of starvation. We eat food, not the information about food.

It is clear that ultimately everybody dies. It is a matter of when and how! But we can minimize the risk of diseases and deaths related to food. But many of the things related to foods are simply beyond our personal/family control. So what shall we eat?