A Triplet: Outputs of research

A research can have three outputs: Capability, Evidence and Product
Capability: Conducting research builds capability of those who involve in undertaking the research. Especially when new (to the research team) research methods are used, team members can gain a lot from the research process. Even with the application of well known research methods, team members can refine their skills by involving in a research. This is the basic research output in research training.

Evidence: Research can generate evidence that can enhance our knowledge of the world. A research may yield a new information or may enrich existing one. Some research efforts focus on exploring problems/situations while others suggesting possible solutions. A few research tests solutions to problems. An idea, method, or information may come out of a research process. The outputs of most research is evidence or information.

Product: An advanced research can also result in a physical product that can be used in someway or another. The product may be new or an improved (more useful or less harmful) version of existing products. Research can find new drugs for diseases of human beings and animals. A research may also result in a new toothbrush which can minimize the risk of dental diseases. These can be considered as research products.