When does research related travel become a trouble?

I have observed some ‘researchers’ who travel too much. They don’t like working in office. They grab a single paper and submit it to all the conferences they come across. Then they move from one conference to another, and from one meetings to another. What they are doing may not necessarily be bad. But it should be done with the required level of responsibility.

Communicating research findings is essential. But communicating a research paper is not the only responsibility of a researcher. Similarly, conferences are not the only forms of research communication. There are many other ways of research communication. Of course, conferences create excellent opportunities for researchers to get connected with others with the same interest. But this should be done without compromising other roles of a researcher.

Presenting a single research paper here and there, now and then, may also have a negative implication on the reputation of the researcher and his/her organization. The audience may tend to consider that the research performance of the researcher and thus his/her organization to be limited to a few research projects. The cost implications are also severe. Those costs would have been used for the presentation a new or different research and for the participation of a new researcher….if such too much travel continues, then at a certain point travel becomes trouble – flying too much with a single paper.