Eating while being eaten at the same time!

When we eat a less healthy food, a food with low health value but more risk, we are not only eating that food but also, slowly and slowly, we are being eaten by the food. You may wonder about ‘how can a food eats a human being.’ Yes, it is true and not a secret. Unhealthy food gradually eats the health of a human being. It eat us at the rate proportional to the rate at which we eat it.

The definition of healthy and unhealthy foods is arbitrary. What’s healthy for Jack may not be healthy for Liza. What’s healthy today may not be healthy next year -as you age and new science emerges. What’s healthy for breakfast may not be healthy if repeated for lunch. What’s healthy when eaten alone may not be healthy if eaten with other food items. What’s healthy in some amount may not be healthy in other amounts. But….should be believe this science and live a stressful life or just ignore it and enjoy every food?

Research is not conclusive. But one issue is very clear. Every food is healthy if eaten in moderation! Don’t ask me about how much food is considered as a moderate level. The human nature knows what is moderate and what’s not. In the absence of other options, moderate would mean a different issue. Those with plenty can choose, but those with limited don’t have a choice.